About Us

Our Mission
The mission of Black Rock School is to provide all students with a positive, appropriate, academic and personal learning experience in a safe and supportive educational environment. In partnership with parents and community, we encourage every child to acquire the knowledge, skills, and personal attributes necessary to become responsible, productive, caring citizens, and life-long learners.
Our Beliefs
  • We believe in setting challenging expectations of performance and supporting all students to achieve high standards and to reach his/her potential.
  • We believe in instilling a love of learning, promoted through an integrated curriculum, focusing on the whole child by meeting his/her physical, social, emotional, artistic, and intellectual needs
  • We believe that technology in education is an integral component for preparing students for today’s work force and should be seamlessly integrated into all classrooms and learning activities.
Teaching and Learning
  • We believe all children have the right and the ability to learn through the use of developmentally appropriate practices that enable them to explore, become independent, feel successful, and develop self-worth.
  • We believe in inspiring each child to become a responsible citizen in an ever changing global society by teaching compassion, empathy, respect, and diversity.
  • We believe in engaging students in significant learning experiences that inspire them to achieve high standards, create happy memories, and a passion for lifelong learning.
  • We believe in creating an environment of respect for diversity, beliefs, cultures and backgrounds that will enrich the lives and learning environment for all students.
  • We believe in establishing a safe and nurturing environment where students feel welcome, appreciated, and vested in their own learning.
  • We believe in fostering mutual respect and open communication between all members of the school community.
Home-School-Community Connection
  • We believe that educating children is the shared responsibility of families, all members of the school community, and citizens of Thomaston.
  • We believe communication is an essential component in a positive, supportive home-school partnership and that involvement of family enriches the learning experiences for all students.
  • We believe our school respects and celebrates the diversity of all people in our global community.
Staff Directory
First Name          
School  Phone                 Extension   Email
Baldelli Lisa Speech/Language BRS 860-283-3040 21186 lbaldelli@thomastonschools.org
Biron Paul Grade 3        BRS 860-283-3040 21185 pbiron@thomastonschools.org
Callahan Catherine Phys. Ed BRS 860-283-3040 21155 ccallahan@thomastonschools.org
Clark Cheyenne Grade 1 BRS 860-283-3040  21170  cclark@thomastonschools.org
Coviello Dante Grade 3 BRS 860-283-3040 21197 dcoviello@thomastonschools.org
DeFederico Sharon Pre-School BRS 860-283-3040 21144 sdefederico@thomastonschools.org
DeFiore Carmen Cafe. Mgr. BRS 860-283-3040 11122 cdeFiore@thomastonschools.org
DePalma Jennifer Grade 1 BRS 860-283-3040 21171 jdepalma@thomastonschools.org
Dube Kelly Pre-School BRS 860-283-3040 21145 kdube@thomastonschools.org
Fitzgerald Megan TLC BRS 860-283-3040 21188 mfitzgerald@thomastonschools.org
Freeman Jessica Math Intervention BRS 860-283-3040 21187 jfreeman@thomastonschools.org
French Doreen Nurse BRS 860-283-3040 11111 dfrench@thomastonschools.org
Giannettino Rachel School Counselor BRS 860-283-3040 21187 rgiannettino@thomastonschools.org
Guerrera Kimberly Kindergarten BRS 860-283-3040 21147 kguerrera@thomastonschools.org
Heiland Susan Math BRS 860-283-3040 21165 sheiland@thomastonschools.org
Hernandez Holly Reading BRS 860-283-3040 21166 hhernandez@thomastonschools.org
Hustek Jaimee Guidance BRS 860-283-3040 21187 jhustek@thomastonschools.org
Johnson Beverly Kindergarten BRS 860-283-3040 21132 bjohnson@thomastonschools.org
Kozlak Jonathan Principal BRS 860-283-3040 11105 jkozlak@thomastonschools.org
Lavoie   Lisa BCBA BRS  860-283-3040  21127 llavoie@thomastonschools.org 
Lahey Bethany Grade 2  BRS 860-283-3040  21193 blahey@thomastonschools.org 
McCarthy Brian Custodian BRS 860-283-3040 11156 bmccarthy@thomastonschools.org
McGirr Kimberly Media Specialist BRS 860-283-3040 21126 kmcgirr@thomastonschools.org
Murzak Kelsey Special Ed. BRS 860-283-3040 21174 kmurzak@thomastonschools.org
Obst Karen Pre-School BRS 860-283-3040 21139 kobst@thomastonschools.org
Pavelchak Kelly Kindergarten BRS 860-283-3040 21131 kpavelchak@thomastonschools.org
Payne Karen Special Ed. BRS 860-283-3040 21169 kpayne@thomastonschools.org
Kunic Julia Grade 1 BRS 860-283-3040 21173 jkunic@thomastonschools.org
Sabolcik Cindy Grade 3 BRS 860-283-3040 21196 csabolcik@thomastonschools.org
McGirr Kimberly Media BRS 860-283-3040 21126 kseeger@thomastonschools.org
Slekis Meghan Social Work. BRS 860-283-3040 21172 mslekis@thomastonschools.org
Squatriglia Kathy Secretary BRS 860-283-3040 11301 ksquatriglia@thomastonschools.org
Sul Nicole Pre-School BRS 860-283-3040  21144 nsul@thomastonschools.org
Terlizzi Erica Grade 2 BRS 860-283-3040 21168 eterlizzi@thomastonschools.org
Wallace Sarah Kindergarten BRS 860-283-3040 21147 swallace@thomastonschools.org
Zepecki Alisa Grade 2 BRS 860-283-3040 21194 azepecki@thomastonschools.org
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